There’s something about the ‘Immigrant song’. It sets the mood right away. It takes you to a happy place, where things are always great. ‘Thor Ragnarok’ uses this song twice. Once at the beginning and then, at the climatic battle. Just like the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy-2’, it uses an old chartbuster to bring those nostalgic elements scurrying through minds, while the screen unfurls a huge fight sequence, in slow motion. It tells you, that however mundane and seen before sequence it may be, a well-scored background music just saves the day for you. ‘Thor – Ragnarok’ may not be the perfect movie, but Led Zeppelin just manages to tip the odds in its favor.


The story is set, 2 years after the events of Sokovia. Odin’s time has come to an end and his firstborn daughter Hela, who he had banished from Asgard, has come back to claim the throne. The story is unsurprisingly straightforward and there’s no twists and all. Thor, with the help of Hulk, Valkyrie and Loki manage to save the day. The writing is smart, with humor kept at tongue in cheek, it’s a typical Marvel product.


But there’s the problem I have with Marvel. It sacrifices the storytelling in favor of blockbusters. Hell, these days Marvel looks like a factory where mass-produced goods are churned every year or two. There are preset humor and sequences, that can be predicted from a mile. There’s no doubt that it will be blockbuster, but the avid fan will still be searching for that moment that makes an average film into a great film. For me, ‘Civil War’ is still the best movie that Marvel had come up with, in years.

The year’s still not over and ‘Justice League’ is just around the corner.

Surprise me, DC!

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