God creates everything.

From a single cell to an entire universe is forged, over millions of years.

Cell, fish, frog, monkey, man.. evolution occurs.

Man, Woman, Kids, Family.

Group, Clan, Tribe, City, Nation, World.

Birth, death, rebirth.

God keeps etching on a blank canvas, along with Mother Nature.

She gives. Always.

Then God creates his word, for the people.

For him, the people are the essence of his creation. But the people can be so misleading.

They ignore the word.

They believe the God.

And they put him on a pedestal. Slowly, they create a divinity around him. Pushing him away from them, from everything that he created, along with Nature.

Alone, away from God, Mother Nature is ravaged by the people. But she keeps giving, everything that she possesses.

And the people, keep snatching it away.

Eventually, a day comes, when she’s unable to bear the pain.

Angry and brutalized, she retaliates, by destroying herself.

The creation, self-implodes.

A broken God picks up the pieces of his fallen paradise. And he starts building everything again, piece by piece.

Brick by brick.

Along with an ever giving mother Nature.

Oh, Mother!

Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’ is radical, poetic, ruthless, horrifying and nothing short of a purging of your belief. It’s visceral and will make you seethe with anger. It challenges your view about religion, belief and the existence of God. It’s unparalleled and an important work of cinema. See it and have an opinion about it, be it hate or awe.

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