What’s the recipe for a perfect entertainer?

Take dollops of action, put some great locales, add a handful of car chases, sprinkle some exquisite shots of hand to hand combat, sauté with some delightful masked operatives and finally, add one, precisely one Tom Cruise. And Voila! Your perfect entertainer is ready!! Guys, Ethan Hunt is back, to save the world from another catastrophe. And he does it the usual way, in style.


‘Fallout’ starts right after the events of ‘Rouge Nation’. The world is at peril with three plutonium cores falling into the hands of extremists. And there’s a faceless man called John Lark, an agent turned rogue who wants to burn the world, to bring peace to it. The CIA and the IMF go together to search this man. But is that all about it? Is John Lark is just an alias for a man who’s been shunned by his own people many times despite his sacrifices for his own country? Is John Lark, is really Ethan Hunt?


One of the last entertainers of the yesteryears, Tom Cruise, who has delighted audiences worldwide with his envious repertoire of movies, offers his latest adventure on screen. With every version of the Mission Impossible, two things become evident. One – Tom Cruise is capable of doing anything on earth. Two – Age is just a number. At 56, you see the man doing his own stunts, breaking his ankle in the process, yet looking like a man possessed. Here’s a leading man who’s so convinced about the success of the franchise, he’s willing to break a few bones of his own. And that’s the best part about the whole series. The ensemble cast, as always is spectacular. Simon Pegg is terrific as Benji. Vince Rhymes gets a meaty role and Rebecca Ferguson as the femme fatale Elsa Faust is splendid. Henry Cavill gets to showcase his punches and punchlines, which’s delightful. All of these make ‘Fallout’ an instant action classic.


So what’s next? Is Tom Cruise happy and content with what can be called as one of the best films of the MI franchise? Is he done?

Well, I can imagine in my head, that Cruise walks in, looks into my eyes and says :

‘What’s done, is done, when we say it’s done !’

The Cinemawala Rating: 4/5


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