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Michael Sarnoski’s ‘Pig’ (2021) Review

Of the greatest actors to emerge after the seventies, Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Eric Roberts, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon and a few others, the most consistently daring and risk-taking remains […]

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Amazon Prime : Mahesh Narayanan’s ‘Malik’ (2021) Review

There have been countless films that are inspired by Francis Ford Copolla’s gangster saga ‘The Godfather’. The epic story of Vito and Micheal Corleone has always been a yardstick of […]

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Greatest Performances Of Tom Hanks, In The Last Two Decades (2001-2021)

  For his magnificent performance in ‘Cast Away’ (2000), Tom Hanks won the coveted New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor seeming to pave the way for a […]

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The Top Ten Indian Films Of 2021(So Far)

It’s almost half way through the year. Amidst the pandemic and the lockdown, all of us, have somehow trying to live in this ‘new normal’ way of life. Lockdown caused […]

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Netflix and Chill – ‘Ray’ (2021) Review

The great Satyajit Ray, while writing the review for Vittorio De Sica’s ‘The Bicycle Thief’ (1948), had once said – “For a popular medium, the best kind of inspiration should derive […]

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Revisiting The Classics – Oliver Stone’s ‘Natural Born Killers’ (1994)

More than a quarter-century has passed since Oliver Stone’s electrifying ‘Natural Born Killers’ first thundered onto movie screens for the first time, alighting a hurricane of controversy. By the nineties, […]

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Amazon Prime Original – ‘The Family Man’ – Season 2 Review

“Doing something great is overrated because then people expect that from you all the time. What they don’t realise, is you’re as screwed up as they are”.  ~ Mare Sheehan, […]