Brazil (1985)

Directed By – Terry Gilliam

Starring – Jonathan Pryce, Micheal Palin, Robert De Niro

Genre – Drama, Satire, Sci-Fi

Running Time – 132 Minutes

Here are the reasons, why you should watch Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’ –

  • Heavily influenced from the writings of George Orwell, Terry Gilliam wrote his own version of a dystopian future, where bureaucracy takes precedence over everything else.
  • ‘Brazil’ is the story of Sam Lowry, who works under this bureaucratic government and drives a single seater car to office, often dreaming about a mysterious woman and flying along with her, in a metallic armour.
  • Conceived as the second of his ‘Trilogy Of Imagination’, Gilliam originally named the movie as ‘1984 1/2’. But with the advent of Micheal Radford’s ‘1984’, he was forced to change it to ‘Brazil’
  • Originally opened to low ratings and negative reviews, today ‘Brazil’ has a cult fan following and widely considered as a masterpiece.

Watch the trailer online here –

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