Sometimes, there are films who, during their theatrical release, do not get the audience’s attention. Blame it on poor promotion or release of a big film along with it, but when this happens, the films do suffer. Agreed there are films, which run purely on content but there are only a few like that. Director Nitin Kakkar’s ‘Mitron’ released along with Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Manmarziyan,’ along with 4 other films, that included the critically acclaimed ‘Love Sonia’. Naturally, the buzz around it was less than its contemporaries. Plus a film with Jackie Bhagnani in the lead doesn’t excite distributors anymore. It’s sad because Jackie Bhagnani is a decent actor, who backs his films wholeheartedly. Be it ‘Faltu’, ‘Azab Gazab Love’, ‘Rangrezz’ or his short film ‘Carbon’, his films are unique in nature. ‘Mitron’ got its digital release on Amazon Prime and is bound to receive love from the audience, which went missing during its theatrical run.

An official remake of the Telugu film ‘Pelli Choopulu’,  ’Mitron’ is the story of Jay and Avni, who meet during a matchmaking process. Stuck in a room, due to a faulty locked door, they end up sharing each other’s life stories. Jay, an automobile engineering degree holder, is good for nothing fellow, unsure about what he wants to do in life. Avni is an MBA holder from a reputed college, wants to do well in life, particularly to prove her father’s notion about her, wrong. Just when it seems that both relate to the other’s struggle in life, it is revealed that Jay had walked into the wrong address for matchmaking! Rest of the story forms as for how they both try to achieve their respective goals in life.

Set in the modern day Gujarat, it’s a rom-com that tells you about the communication gap that is, often found between parents and children. Jay’s father, played by an excellent Neeraj Sood, feels his good for nothing son, isn’t capable of anything and thus, getting married is the only way to make him learn the ways of life. Avni’s father, who feels a daughter is a burden on his shoulder, constantly chides his daughter. But in the garb of their individual taunts, there is a hidden fear for their respective children. No parents want their children to face failure and rejection. Jay and Avni, make each other’s parents realise the true potential of their children and what they really want to achieve in life. A feel-good film, this also gives a glimpse into modern relationships.

Jackie Bhagnani does well as the laid-back protagonist Jay. He has a charming, easygoing side to his persona that he effortlessly brings to acting. Debutant Kritika Kamra is no stranger to acting, thanks to her hugely successful stint at the television. She comes as a natural, the camera loves her and thus, brings out the beauty in her. She plays the silent, brooding yet strong character of Avni, who dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. Pratik Gandhi and Sivam Parekh play friends of Jay, who remain with him, in thick or thin. 

The director Nitin Kakkar, who earlier had directed the acclaimed ‘Filmistan’ sets the expectations at the beginning. It’s a modern day love story, yet he takes time to make the couple realise their fondness for each other. The film has a style of comedy that’s borrowed from the Amol Palekar and Basu Chatterji school of filmmaking. The camera chooses to explore the city and the bylanes of Ahmedabad and does it pretty well. Music is extremely hummable, the pick of tracks being ’Sawarne Lage’, ‘Sanedo’ and ‘Kamariya’.

‘Mitron’ is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

The Cinemawala Rating: 3/5

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