Let’s be honest, when we saw the title ‘Ginny weds Sunny’, a blatant, unapologetic rip off of ‘Tanu weds Manu’, we weren’t expecting much. “Unapologetic” is the right word to describe this movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t want you to either. It is cheesy, loud, bright colourful and wishes you to just park your logic and roll with it.

‘Ginny weds Sunny’ is a rom-com dramedy revolving around……..yes, you guessed it! Ginny and Sunny. Ginny is a carefree, Delhi girl who has a confusing ( to put it mildly) “friendship” with her ex. Sunny is an aspiring chef whose father will let him open his restaurant if he gets married. Sunny has had a crush on Ginny in school but always considered her too out of his “aukat”. So, their mastermind parents step in to bring them together. Ginny’s mother, an affluent matchmaker, helps sunny win over her daughter’s heart. Amidst an annoying ex, nosy parents and two stubborn protagonists, the story takes many dramatic twist and turns. But all ends well, as the title suggests.

I totally enjoy cheesy over the top and even bizarre premises like ‘Befikre’ as long as its consistent, but ‘Ginny weds Sunny’ was too easy to write off. Within the first few minutes it was clear, that the comedy was going to be unfunny and over the top (Ginny insulting the boy whose come to see her for marriage), the characters unsympathetic and the story cringe.

But having said that, it does have a few surprising twists and is incredibly fast-paced, so it wasn’t a particularly difficult watch either. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly doesn’t click but here are a few possibilities. Sunny’s character is extremely inconsistent and changes at the bat of an eye. He quickly accepts Ginny’s mom’s proposal, only to realise he does want Ginny genuinely, then goes on a long bout ignoring her, only to quickly accept her back and so on and so forth. You get the picture. If Sunny is inconsistent, Ginny is annoying and downright malicious at times. It’s clear that she likes men only when they are not interested in her. Next is Ginny’s mother, she seems to think arranging a love marriage for her daughter should have everybody’s effort in it except her daughter’s. Its always up to Sunny to “not lose the opportunity”, “take his chance” and impress Ginny. Never once does she ask Ginny to make an effort. The same actor plays a totally different mother in ‘Befikre’.

There are a few redeeming qualities to this cheese-fest though. The movie is aware of its parodical nature and makes fun of itself, like Sunny’’ sister exclaiming “Phir heroine ne mann badal di”. The production design and costumes are extremely bright and cheerful. The songs are not bad either.

Vikrant Massey, at this point, is too enigmatic when it comes to his choices. Perhaps not wishing to be type-cast in serious roles (‘Chappakk’ and ‘Cargo’) he followed it up with light-hearted roles in ‘Dolly, Kitty and Chamakte Sitare’ and now ‘Ginny weds Sunny’. It’s hard to blame him with a script such as this, but he did his best to pull through. Yami, on the other hand, seems to be very comfortable playing the romantic interest right from ‘Vicky Donor’ (2012). To her credit, it’s a role she pulls off with ease.

All in all, a not too predictable cheesy, rom-com that you can pick up one weekend with nothing else to watch and completely forget about.

The Cinemawala Rating – 2/5 


About The Author-

Anushree Periasami is an electrical engineer from IIT Madras, currently working as a financial analyst. But her pet project has always been writing. An avid reader right from school, her favourite exercise was essay writing on novels and stories and the critical analyses of plots, characters, themes, etc. That interest continued right through college and to work as well. She was the Regional Editor for the internal quarterly magazine of her company – a compilation of interviews, technology articles and fun puzzles. The only things she loves as much as writing is watching movies and shows, especially masterpieces that aren’t advertised much and largely ignored. As Bojack Horseman put it, “But isn’t art, less what people put into it, but more what people get out of it ?” 

Also elle peut parler francais !

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