There is a method to his madness. The man is a star, a complete actor. There’s nothing that he cannot do. From being the barbaric emperor to the charming-your-pants-off lover, he has done it all. One of the brightest actors of the contemporary generation, Ranveer Singh has made himself the numero uno, by sheer hard work and dedicated performances. His work speaks for the volume of talent this man possesses. His hit churning capability is indirectly proportional to his bizarre fashion sense. The Cinemawala came up with a list of his performances that showcases the range of his versatility in acting. Read on – 

10. Ricky Bahl – ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ (2011)

Loosely based on Jeffery Archer’s crime novel ‘Not a penny more, Not a penny less’, ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ is a madcap entertainer about a conman and his ways of tricking women particularly, for money. Three women from different cities join hands together to get their money back from this trickster by making him fall for their own trap. Ranveer plays Ricky Bahl, a suave criminal who cons women. With donning multiple personalities, he seamlessly gets into the inner circle of the unsuspecting women and then cons his ways out. Stylish and cool as a cucumber, Ranveer shines as ‘Ricky Bahl’. 

9. Bittu Sharma – ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ (2010)

This is the film that started everything. Ranveer Singh’s debut film that showed sparkles of his abundant talent. As Bittu Sharma, the partner behind the wedding planning team ‘Shadi Mubarak’, Ranveer gave an earnest performance. This was a perfect platform for his debut as Ranveer showcased his acting chops as well as the dancing skills as a quintessential Bollywood hero. If you haven’t watched it, then do check out Bittu and Shruti’s wedding planning for all seasons. Bread pakode ki kasam!

8. Peshwa Bajirao –  ‘Bajirao Mastani’ (2015)

Bajirao Mastani might not be as famous as Romeo-Juliet or Heer-Ranjha but they speak the same language of love, unyielding and undying. The words opulent, grandiose and magnificent fall short of describing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus. But ladies and gents, the heart and soul of this movie is Ranveer Singh. Like a chameleon, he moulds himself in any way the director wants him to. As the brave warrior Bajirao, he supersedes all of his previous performances. Along with Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, the troika stands and delivers.

7.Ram Rajari – ‘Goliyon ki raasleela : Ram Leela’ (2013)

Based on Shakespeare’s story of the fateful lovers Romeo and Juliet, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’ was an amalgamation of some electrifying chemistry between the leading pair of Ranveer and Deepika, the terrific streaks of violence and opulence of the canvas on which it occurs and a perfect ensemble cast that included a brilliant Supriya Pathak. Ranveer showcased a never seen side of his acting skills and aided by a director known for his craft, delivered a power-packed performance as Ram. As the hapless lover who’s torn between duty and love, Ranveer was fantastic. Watch out for his scene, where he breaks down screaming – Leela jaisi koi nahin!

6. Kabir Mehra – ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ (2015)

Every family is different and functions in different ways. Similarly, every individual has their own way of living and nobody should be allowed to dictate anyone’s life. ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ tells you this. The star of this voyage is Ranveer Singh. As a charming Kabir who’s disillusioned about his career as a businessman but a rock of Gibraltar for his sister Aisha, Ranveer is in top form. He gets the best dialogues of the lot and performs them effortlessly. Watch out for the scene where he confronts his parents for having double standards for their own profit by using their children. Especially watch his body language when he drags a chair, sits on it and starts fiddling with his fingers !!

5.Jayesh Bhai – ‘JayeshBhai Jordaar’ (2022)

FC-jayesh-bhai-lead-2-min.jpg copy

Again Ranveer Singh plays a difficult character here. You do not see the Ranveer Singh flamboyancy here. What you see is a man, afraid of his cold-hearted, cruel and chauvinist father’s way of having a male heir for his family by whatever means possible. As a man torn between the burden under his family’s wish of bearing a boy to uphold their lineage and love for his wife, Ranveer gives a superb performance. Look at his body language here and then think of his menacing look of Khilji, and you wouldn’t find a single similarity. A true student of the craft, Ranveer is simply Jordaar as Jayeshbhai!

4.Kapil Dev – ’83’ (2021)

aekeigexalyvpcp9_1640752111.jpeg copy

Based on Indian cricket team’s heroics at the 1983 Cricket World Cup, director Kabir Khan puts together the nations’ two of the biggest passions together – Cricket and Cinema. But the best thing about ’83’ is that for not once you see Ranveer Singh the actor. In its entire duration of 148 minutes of the film, you see a man embodying himself in the image of the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev. Ranveer Singh puts all his craft into becoming Kapil Dev, body and soul. Not one false step, not one single pretense. Without doubt, one of the finest performance by the actor!

3. Allaudin Khilji – ‘Padmavaat’ (2018)

It wouldn’t have been surprising if they had the named the movie ‘Khilji’ because more than Padmavati, the film explores the aura about the savage beast that Allaudin Khilji was. Hence a strong performance from Shahid Kapoor and an ethereal Deepika Padukone is overshadowed by that chameleon Ranveer Singh. Some will say, his performance is caricatural as history doesn’t portray Khilji the way Bhansali paints it. It may come as cardboard-ish to some but the viewer in me was immensely satisfied with what was unfurled on the screen. The raw savagery that Ranveer portrays is unheard of. His meanness, his persona of a man who’s the devil reincarnated himself is so efficient that you hate the character with all your heart, but admire the performer.

2. Varun – Lootera (2013)

The anti-thesis to the flamboyant Ranveer is the demure Varun of ‘Lootera’. A man with murky past land into the life of a happy go lucky Pakhi and makes it go topsy turvy. It was remarkable how restrained Ranveer’s performance was, comparing to his ever hyper persona. As Varun, Ranveer gives one of his best performances where his silent glances make a ripple in the heart. In the last scene, as he puts the leaf on the branch and collapses from there, a lump comes forth into the throat. Ranveer will always be remembered for this epic role of his.

1. Murad – Gully Boy (2019)

As Murad, Ranveer introduces an entirely new aspect of his craft – His vulnerability. For a single second of the entire duration of two hours and thirty-six minutes of the film, he does not look like the man, who keeps the paparazzi busy with his weird fashion sense and colourful personality. Ranveer Singh, the actor is lost within his character in ‘Gully Boy’, who’s shy, vulnerable and is in two minds between choosing his passion and struggle for life. If this is not the glimpse of the greatest actor of our times, then nothing is. Period.

Which is your favourite Ranveer Singh performance? Do tell us in the comments section.

P.S – Originally the article was published in July 2020. It has been updated to add the two recent film.


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