There’s a saying – Justice delayed, is justice denied. Delayed, sabotaged, reshot but finally ‘Justice League’ is here. And compared to its closest competitor of superhero movies it’s way behind. But know what? It’s funny, witty, stylishly shot and the best part is, it leaves the sombreness of BvS behind. In comes some Joss Whedon infused gags and as Alfred puts it in the film, it’s the team that gets it going.

JL takes off from BvS. Superman is no more and Bruce Wayne, out of guilt of being responsible for Superman’s demise, is putting together a team of superheroes to protect the world from the unseen evil that Lex Luthor had predicted. The baddie this time, is Steppenwolf with his band of para-demons, to capture his long-lost mother boxes. The team gets together on shaky grounds but takes off in style. The climactic battle happens and as usual, it’s the good guys, who save the world.

JL gets almost everything right except the hurried pace and abrupt editing. The newer characters are introduced in a jiffy as if The Flash ran through the script! Cyborg despite being an important member of JL, gets very less screen time for his character development. Barry Allen aka The Flash gets to mouth some funny quips and Ezra Miller does quite well in it. Jason Momoa, playing the Aqua Man, gets to show his abs and funnier side. The leading troika of Batman played by Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot and rising like a phoenix from the ashes – Superman played by Henry Cavill leads the pack and do pretty well. The action sequences are great and though it will be a crime to compare them with Marvel, DC does show great work, while retaining the actual sequences from the comics.

But DC doesn’t address the elephant in the room. DC yet again squanders a great chance to take Marvel head on. As a whole, the movie is an uneven mixture of Whedon’s light-hearted moments and Snyder’s dark take. Somehow it doesn’t come together fully as a complete product. So at times, the humor feels out of place. That is the biggest crime of them all.

Enjoy Justice League while you can.

The Cinemawala Rating: 2.5/5

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