Superhero films, follow a pattern. There is a super villain, a megalomaniac who threatens the world and most of the times has an ambition of ruling over hapless junta. Superheroes, despite getting a sound beating, eventually turn the tide their way and beat the shit of the bad guy. End of the story.

Not Thanos. He is not a bad guy per se. Thanos is just ahead of the curve.

Now, who was the last guy who had said that?

Thanos has a purpose. To get all six infinity stones. To wipe out half of the population of the entire universe. Because he believes in balance. Not mad, but sane in most ways as he truly believes in his cause. He’s an agent of chaos.

Now, who was the last guy who had said that?

Well, well, well. The Joker finally has someone who he can get compared to. Thanos is just right there.

Infinity War brings together almost every MCU superhero into a single frame. Not because it’s cool. Because they have to come together to stop the mad titan. Because Thanos makes everyone gravel. Every single one.

And there’s death.

With every death, it’s enunciated that how inconsequential things are, from Thanos’s perspective. For him, death is the result of a purge. A purge that’s necessary. A purge, that’s in everyone’s destiny.

And you know what they say about destiny?

Dread it, run from it but it arrives all the same.

Let’s just wait for endgame.

Thanos Will Return.

The Cinemawala Rating: 4/5

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