Ace In The Hole (1951) 

Directed by – Billy Wilder

Starring – Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Robert Arthur

Genre – Drama, Satire, Noir

Running Time – 111 minutes

Here are the reasons why you should watch ‘Ace In The Hole’

  • ‘Ace In The Hole’ is like a premonition as if the director could see the future and knew exactly this will be the future of news – Making news out of nowhere.
  • Starring Kirk Douglas, this is the story of a corrupt new reporter, who in the last minute desperate act of saving his job, makes a mockery of a man’s life, trapped in a cave collapse.
  • A man trapped, a frenzied media covering it as a sensational news, the life of the quiet little town goes topsy-turvy as the situation becomes carnivalesque. But is a life’s worth is more than the news it creates?
  • Billy Wilder made ‘Ace In The Hole’ after the rousing success of ‘Sunset Boulevard’. As it always happens, ‘Ace In The Hole’ wasn’t as successful as its predecessor, but over the years, has become a great film for noir lovers.

Watch ‘Ace In The Hole’ online on Dailymotion –

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