The Third Man (1949) 

Directed By – Carol Reed

Starring – Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli

Genre – Noir, Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Running Time – 104 Minutes

Here are the reasons why you should watch ‘The Third Man’ –

  • Director Carol Reed’s espionage classic ‘The Third Man’ tells the story of an American novelist, who goes to a war-torn Vienna searching for his missing friend, who is a wanted criminal and may or may not be dead, as believed.
  • A classic film noir, the film is a unique blend of suspense and thriller, amidst failing socio-economic strata of a war-ravaged country.
  • Stunning cinematography, lighting, the work with shadows, this film is a testament of impressive technicalities ever used in a film, which includes the famous scene of a hidden man in the doorway, being discovered by the moving light.
  • Though his screen time is exactly five minutes, Orson Welles makes the most of it and has one of most amazing monologues of all time – The Swiss Cuckoo Speech at the Ferris wheel.

Watch the trailer here –

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