La Strada (1954)

Directed By – Federico Fellini

Written By – Federico Fellini,Tulio Pinelli & Ennio Flaiano

Genre – Drama

Running Time – 108 Minutes

Here are the reasons why you should watch Federico Fellini’s ‘La Strada’

  • ‘La Strada’ which means ‘The Road’ in Italian, is the story of a young woman Gelsomina, who has been bought by a strongman Zampano and their journey together.
  • Per Fellini’s own admission, ‘La Strada’ was his most ambitious and difficult work, among the films he had made. The film went through financial difficulties, shooting delays, casting problems which led to Fellini’s nervous breakdown.
  • ‘La Strada’ initially opened to some harsh criticism yet it won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival which led to a very bitter public brawl between Fellini’s supporters and detractors. But soon, the word of mouth picked up and since then, it has been labelled as one of the most influential films ever made.
  • It won the first ever Best Foreign Film award, at the inaugural Academy Awards in 1957.

Watch The Trailer Here –

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