Guys, do you remember the first time, you had a fondness developing for the opposite gender? The very first time, you had a tiff with somebody to claim the so-called exclusive right to tag a lady as ‘bhabhi hai teri!’ ? Or the times you had to answer uncomfortable questions about that hidden urge that blew your cover every morning? Zakir Khan’s new standup show ‘Kaksha Gyarvi’ aims to tell you the tales of your life, when everything seemed to have been going wrong before eventually turning right, somehow ! It’s funny, fresh and full of Zakir-isms which itself is mix of humour and sentiments.

Zakir has a unique style of deliverance. He comes to you as an easy going everyday man, who has rose from humble beginnings. His stories, woven around his life, his family, his relationships they all seem real. And the way he sets up the theme, the audience gets immersed into it. Suddenly you can imagine a young Zakir doing the same things, that the elder Zakir has been elaborating on stage. His trysts with successes and failures, his thinking which begins on a misguided note, often ending on pearls of wisdom are his signature style of keeping people engrossed in his stories. And he does it pretty well!

The only fault that I could find in this standup which’s specifically paid tribute to the growing age of adolescents and misguided teenagers, that it was too short ! The way Zakir kept enthralling the audience with each of his tales, I was rooting for more and more of his stuffs. At a runtime of seventy five minutes, one seeks more from this amazingly talented man. We hope to see more from this man in future.

‘Kaksha Gyarvi’ now streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. Watch and have a good laugh !

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