When I watched episodes of the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’, I was horrified at the alternate realities presented, all fueled by technology, which inevitably ended in disaster. Watching ‘C U SOON’ was a similar experience, only worse because the technology is not hypothetical but very much real. The movie brilliantly captures the disruptive transformation our lives have undergone due to the internet and social media from which there is no going back. Directed by Mahesh Narayanan and starring Fahadh Faasil, ‘C U SOON’, is a clever, tightly knit thriller which revolves around a couple, Jimmy and Anu, that meet through an online dating website. They make a quick acquaintance and decide to marry in all but a week. But how much can we really trust someone we’ve only seen on a tiny rectangle? Jimmy soon realizes that there is more to Anu that she let on. He along with his cousin, Kevin (Fahadh), a data security expert, attempts to unravel Anu’s true background and in turn, finds some shocking truth. 

‘C U SOON’ is a very unsettling narrative of the worst aspects of the internet and social media. Unsettling because of how familiar it is for our generation. Constant chatting, video calls, idling on social media, falling asleep while on a call, hit close to home. But the biggest shock, for me, was realizing how our data can be misused. Data privacy and their laws have been in a lot of focus in recent times. But many of us, are blithely unaware of its importance or consequences. Even I have wondered how exactly my shopping preferences, youtube favourites and Instagram likes could really be used in ways other than advertising. And so, this movie was an eye-opener. 

All it took was a blurry picture of Anu’s modem and Kevin had her entire background including her passwords figured out!! He is able to trace her address, education, family, sim card, last know location and even logs into her Facebook account. He showed absolutely no remorse or scruples in doing so. It also seemed pretty evident that this wasn’t his first time violating someone’s privacy. Which raises the question – how are companies like Google and Facebook, which obviously have access to our data, dealing with this responsibility? Another bizarre self- realization is how social media speeds our interactions. With constant texting and staying in touch, relationships that take months, sometimes years to flourish, are built-in days. One of the best scenes in the movie was when Kevin violently admonishes Jimmy for proposing to a girl he knew nothing about. Having said all this, its hard not be wowed by just how amazing the ecosystem we’ve built through our devices and the internet is, especially during the pandemic. Our need for social interaction and keeping in touch for our sanity has never been greater. Perhaps this is accentuated by the fact that the movie itself was shot on an iPhone in just 18 days with the brilliant use of screen recording. 

The final reveal about Anu takes the movie on a slightly different tangent about fraudulent job offers to lure Indian women to Dubai and abuse them for flesh trade. Though an important and serious issue, that deserves much attention on its own, it does take focus away from the primary theme which unmistakably is the brilliance and horror of this newfound age of social media. But the performances, direction and brilliant editing more than makeup for a few glitches. Fahadh is great as the annoyed, genius, underdog, Kevin. Roshan Matthew is refreshing as the panicked, love-lorn guy. But Darshana Rajendran takes the cake as the mysterious Anu and delivers a memorable performance. Despite using a very constricted medium of video calls and text messages to tell the story, the movie is a masterpiece. Another noteworthy aspect is how layered the characters feel despite the quick, urgent pace. The movie will constantly leave you trying to guess the plot but manages to pull new twists on you. 

In conclusion, ‘C U SOON’ is one of the best OTT releases we have had in a while. The best way to watch it is by using a chrome extension akin to Netflix party with a bunch of friends. The irony will be priceless!! 

The Cinemawala Rating – 3/5 


About The Author-

Anushree Periasami is an electrical engineer from IIT Madras, currently working as a financial analyst. But her pet project has always been writing. An avid reader right from school, her favourite exercise was essay writing on novels and stories and the critical analyses of plots, characters, themes, etc. That interest continued right through college and to work as well. She was the Regional Editor for the internal quarterly magazine of her company – a compilation of interviews, technology articles and fun puzzles. The only things she loves as much as writing is watching movies and shows, especially masterpieces that aren’t advertised much and largely ignored. As Bojack Horseman put it, “But isn’t art, less what people put into it, but more what people get out of it ?” 

Also elle peut parler francais !

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