People of my generation, had grown up listening to his songs. Everyone of my age, at-least had one favourite, sung by him. Be it love or heartbreak, KK was always there to keep us company. His songs were soothing balm to the aching hearts. I’ve had the opportunity of attending one of his concerts 17 years ago, where he crooned his heart out. At that point of time, I never knew that years later, his songs were going to find a permanent place on my playlist. Right through my childhood, I grew up listening to Rafi and Mukesh. Kishore Kumar is my all time favourite. I realise now, KK was ‘the’ voice that my soul always looked up to.

These are my KK songs that always are going to be in my heart, forever!

Yaaron/Pal – Whenever someone says KK, the very first two songs that come to mind are Yaaron and Pal. Whenever I play these two songs, a whiff of nostalgia surrounds me, taking back to the good old days.

Pal –


Chhod aaye hum – The song starts with KK singing these lines and that’s the moment you realise that you’ve fallen in love with his voice. It’s a chorus song with stalwarts like Hariharan, Suresh Wadekar and Vinod Sehgal, yet those two lines sear through the heart.

Tadap Tadap Ke – The moment he sings the lines, ‘Agar mile khuda toh.. puchunga khudaya..’ you know what heartbreak looks like!

Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai – He made Amitabh Bachchan look like a cool cat, making those scintillating moves, jiving his heart out. Ya Moiya Yeke Yeke!

Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe – KK was part of the troika of Shankar Mahadevan and Shaan who together, created the dance anthem of our generation. Every club, every party, every one was hooked onto Hum hain naye, andaaz kyun ho purana!

Bardaasht Nahi Kar Sakta – I was in college, the josh was high and this song was rage. That last part where he goes ‘Ae aaah oh’ made each of us go crazy. Heck, he made Akshay Khanna dance like a pro!

Tu Aashiqui Hai – ‘Jhankar Beats’ is a fine film. But this song gave authenticity to the talents of messers Vishal and Shekhar. KK had played a huge role in it. Listen to the song and you know why KK was a genius.

Awarapan, Banjarapan – Ooh, the pain and anguish in his voice! This song is about loneliness and a man’s yearning for love. KK brought out his big guns for this. Brilliant, brilliant rendition!

Main Khuda – Not many have seen this film, because it’s still banned. Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Paanch’ was about a group of musicians who turn murderous. KK became Luke and sang for his namesake Kay Kay Menon as he looked into the eyes of God and growled – Sar Jhuka, Khuda Hoon Main.. Aasmanon Main Khada Hoon Main!

Dil Nashin, Dil Nashin – Everyone remembers ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ for Himesh Reshamiya. ‘Dil Nashin’ was a stand out song among the countless Himesh chartbusters. It may sound like an easy song, but it is not. KK made it look like an easy one, with his immaculate take on it.

Dil Samandar – Another fine peppy track from the dynamic duo of KK-Pritam, this song is a crowd favourite!

Maine Dil Se Kaha – Pain, anguish, loneliness – they all became synonymous with KK’s voice and Irrfan’s face as they both gazed into life’s futility in the search for happiness. A must listen for every music lover out there!

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai – One of the finest love songs ever, this is KK at his very best. It belongs to those songs which can be listened to, in a loop for hours. KK made Emraan Hashmi looked so earnest, that when the betrayal eventually happens, the audience felt it more than Kangana!

Ek Nazar Main Bhi – This song from ‘Taxi No 9211’ is a peppy love song, sung by KK with panache. Easy lyrics and easy on the ears, this is perfect for a road trip.

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai – Mahesh Bhatt’s nth attempt to sell his side of the story of his relationship with Parveen Babi, failed miserably. But we do remember the film for this song, whose original as well as the remix version became a sensation in the country.

Original –

Remix –

Labon Ko – ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ had this romantic song featured on Shiney Ahuja and Vidya Balan, which later became one of the most requested songs of KK’s shows.

Alvida/O Meri Jaan – KK and Pritam at their very best, with an epic renditions of these two fine songs. I’ve kept them at the same order, because one just cannot rank each song on the basis of their sheer brilliance!

Alvida –

O Meri Jaan –

Ajab Si – Can a Sonu Nigam or a Shaan would’ve sung it in a better way? Perhaps not. KK owned this song, period. One of the most simplest yet melodious love songs, this is a song to remember for all SRK fans.

Beete Lamhein – The song starts with the lines – Dard main bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hain, beete lamhein humein jab bhi yaad aate hain.. Dare I say, the lines will bring tears to the eyes of the staunchest of people.

Khuda Jaane – KK sang this love song for the then-IT couple Ranbir-Deepika and made us all believe in their love story. A handsome Ranbir serenading an ethereally beautiful Deepika, just wow!

Zara Sa/Zara Sa Power Ballad version/Jannatein Kahan – I just love these songs, perhaps a little more partial towards the power ballad version. ‘Janattein Kahan’ was a variant of Zara Sa yet it was powerful enough for KK to work his charm.

Zara Sa –

Zara Sa (Power Ballad) –

Jannatein Kahan –

Main Tera Dhadkan Teri – Peppiest dance track ever sung by KK for Ranbir with Katrina. With Hard Kaur rapping her way out, this was a huge rage back in the day.

Aaya Re/Nazrein Karam – These two brilliant songs are from a forgotten film called ‘Jashn’ starring a hapless Adhyaan Suman. Hear them out and see KK’s magic all over it.

Aaya Re –

Nazarein Karam –

Hai Junoon – This song sets the mood of ‘New York’ before disaster hits the trio in the form of 9/11 and changes their world forever. A relaxing track that proves KK’s superiority.

Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai – With the horror setting into the protagonist’s life via ghastly incidents, KK takes your breath away with his rendition of ‘Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai, Jo Ke Khulta Nahin… Kyun mere jehan main, tu hai ae ajnabi…’ Goosebumps all over!

Dil Ibaadat – From the film ‘Tum Mile’, again a KK special that is bound to make you listen to it on a loop. What a song!

Sajde Kiye Hain Laakhon – Surprisingly this version of the song never made it to final version of ‘Khatta Meetha’. While the film version has a different singer, KK’s version is too brilliant to ignore. Listen to this one and decide!

O Mama – ‘Kanchi maare billi jaisi aankhon waali, ek miaoon si ladki.. O mama!’ With Vishal Bhadrwaj helming the music director’s seat, KK brought out his rockstar persona for ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’.

Pad Gaye Ji – This gem of a song is from an underrated film called ‘AkashVani’ starring Karthik Aryan and Nusrat Bharucha. A soulful track, which reminds the listener of true love.

Tujhe Sochta Hoon – Again a Pritam track that has KK’s brilliance stamped all over it. Amidst the fine music arrangement, KK’s voice stands tall.

Abhi Abhi – This melodious track from ‘Jism -2’ is a perfect song for long drive for its soothing and easygoing vibe.

Mat Aazma Re – KK and Pritam duo come together again for this peppy track from ‘Murder-3’ that gives a high to the listener.

Tu Jo Mila – One of the finest tracks from ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ , ‘Tu Jo Mila’ sums up the relationship between Pawan and Shahida, over their journey back home. KK breathes life into this song with his amazing

Aur Tanha – My favourite of them all. One of the most heartbreaking songs of our time. KK’s finest. Period.

My Playlist – Best Of KK

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