It’s not easy to make a short film. You really don’t have the luxury of time to introduce the characters or the setup. It takes a ingenious storyteller to weave his craft, along a familiar, much heard tale and turn it into an absolute thriller. Mr. Sujoy Ghosh does the same to the ageless classic Ahalya and conjures a magical journey into the lives of Gautam, Indra and Ahalya.

When a police officer, who goes by the name of Indra arrives at the doorsteps of an ageing artist Mr. Gautam Sadhu, for an ongoing investigation of a missing person named Arjun, things look murky. The viewer gets further entangled into the tale, when Indra gets to see a miniature doll among the many dolls present, which resembles the missing person. Adding to this weird mystery, is the mysterious young wife of the artist, Ahalya. Who are these people? Why the doll resembles the missing guy Arjun? The answer lies in front you, but the question remains, whether you’ll be able to see it ??

Behold, the legend of Ahalya…

There is no apt method to describe the innovative ways Mr. Ghosh employ, to keep the viewer engrossed. Ahalya, wife of the sage Gautam, cursed after being seduced by Indra, the king of the Gods is a story we’ve all grown up with. The much famous part of this story is Lord Rama rescuing Ahalya from the curse. The credit goes to Mr. Ghosh to have come up with such a unique storytelling method, which establishes his authority over the craft. The legendary actor Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee and the very beautiful Radhika Apte are on the top of their game in this tale. Mr. Tota Roy Choudhury plays Indra, who is a vital cog in the wheel of events that unfurl the mystery.

A must watch !!! 

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