This movie cannot be reviewed. How can you review a movie which is predominantly run by its star crazed fans and not its story? You need to be present at a single screen theatre to see the fans going berserk at his sight. The whistles going overboard at his flexing muscles. And the collective hurrah as he slams his opponent in a suplex move !! Salman Khan has brought back the larger than life image of film stars for the cine goers. He has officially become what Mr. Bachchan was in the eighties.The numero uno.
Sultan is best described as a mishmash of several sports underdog stories. Basically it’s old wine in a new bottle. But it has all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala potboiler and it entertains in every aspect. A nobody becomes a man with purpose for love. However, the same purpose creates a void between the beloveds. The rest of the story is formed with how they get back together.


The director Ali Abbas Zafar has a penchant for masala flicks, as evident from his earlier works. This time he aims bigger with the biggest superstar of the country. Sultan runs for an almost exhausting time frame of 2 hours and 50 mins but the director makes sure that the audience remains engrossed in the content. The MMA sequences are shot exquisitely. The usual song and dance routines have become chartbusters. The supporting cast is chosen wisely. Seasoned actors such as Kumud Mishra, Parikshit Sahani bring authenticity. Even the affable Amit Sadh gets to showcase his Guns and Roses days charm. Anant Sharma as Sultan’s buddy Govind gets to mouth some amazing dialogues. Anushka Sharma gets a meaty role and despite being pushed to the backseat in the second half, manages to hold her place. She’s genuinely a good actor compared to her peers. Randeep Hooda in a special appearance, shows his superlative acting chops.
Which brings us back to Salman Khan. He has the power and the charisma of a genuine crowd  puller. As Sultan, he comes up with a mature performance and wows the audience and critics alike. This one will be an ace in the hole for his career and will reaffirm his reign in the industry. Watch this movie only for Salman Khan.
Woh Kya Kehte Hain Angrezi main ???
Blockbuster !!!!

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