Fan boys around the world, rejoice. Wherever you are, blow the trumpets and shower confetti. The father of modern superhero stories is back with an epic tale. And this time, there are like a gazillion mutants. Each get their own space and time to grow. Unlike the recent travesty by messrs Warner Bros, 20th century fox gets it absolutely right by dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. And oh my lord, Sophie Turner !!! More on that later. But the fact remains that X-Men-Apocalypse is a blockbuster and particularly caters to the true blue X-Men fans.
There’s nothing more to add to the movie’s storyline as the trailer pretty much says everything about it. What stands out is the visual imagery. I’ll let out a little secret. I got sold on the credits where Mr. Singer uses some amazing 3d to show changing time lines from 3100 BCE to 1983 AD. The movie has some amazing CGI and VFX effects which showcases an apocalyptic world brilliantly. And this is where it becomes a problem. If you look back on all X-Men movies that have been made, X-Men – First Class is the one where the emotional turmoils of the protagonists take center stage. It was a story that was told with a lot of passion. That was ruined by Days of Future Past as it constantly struggled between an emotional storytelling and full blown action. Apocalypse takes due cognizance of that and unashamedly strips the story part from itself. It’s a glorious action fest with some generous dosage of humour and there it succeeds.
The usual star cast of James McAvoy, Micheal Faasbender and Jennifer Lawrence are pretty good in their respective roles. We see a more tragic side of Magneto’s past and to give credit where its due, Mr. Faasbender is surreal. Sir Mckellen will be so proud of him !! Even Oscar Isaac under a heavy make up as Apocalypse does well. But the real scene stealers are the new cast members. Particularly Evan Peters as QuickSilver, Olivia Munn as Psylock and milady Sansa Stark aka a gorgeous Sophie Turner as Jean Gray. These three own the screen and literally burn it with their combined charisma. Ms. Turner has an amazing screen presence and her GOT stint makes her a crowd favourite. I truly wish to see more of this young lady.
X-Men- Apocalypse might seem to be a little overcrowded with mutants for people who are not familiar with them but for fans, its a three course buffet with souffle at the fag end of it. Enjoy the spread.
P.S – Watch out for a cameo from old man Logan with his glorious adamantium fused claws.  😉😉😉

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